A new hotspot for creative coworking in Gurgaon | CoworkIn Gurgaon 39

Gurgaon, say hello to your latest hotspot for creative coworking ! Its been over 5 years since I transitioned from Moonlighting to CoworkIn, after building city’s first & most collaborative co-living and co-working space. Since its inception in 2013, CoworkIn has created a paradigm shift for early stage ventures, creating 6 unique spaces in the city that serve as a platform for innovation & cross-collaboration.

Nudged by the need for creating pure play, affordable & high impact spaces along with constant requests from the thriving entrepreneur community in Gurgaon, Coworkin opens it’s 7th space in Sector 39 Gurgaon. It will soon be followed by an 8th space in Sector 52.

With the growing rise in entrepreneurship and freelance culture, we build these spaces to revive the thriving community of gig economy workers, early stage entrepreneurs & freelancers , aiding them with optimal infrastructure, deep-rooted insights, access to a growing community and global markets.

CoworkIn was started by me to build a holistic ecosystem, aiding early stage entrepreneurs in overcoming challenges such as infrastructure, talent & network. This ecosystem did benefit over 550 companies including founders of Indian unicorns Oyo Rooms and Urban Clap, while they were on the start of their entrepreneurial journey. Today it feels nice to enter Gurgaon with 2 locations and about 275 seats to continue my support for early stage entrepreneurs.

CoworkIn focuses on building functional impact driven spaces without the unnecessary frills, however focused on providing early starters including entrepreneurs, freelancers, working professionals and students a community of like minded people, working towards creating real disruptions.

2018 was the year of paradigm shifts across the start-up ecosystem, while we have celebrated the new unicorns and multi-million dollar ventures, the backbone of this vertical has been grossly ignored.

The Unsung heroes of this vertical are the aggressively growing segment of freelancers & gig economy workers. However, if we ask ourselves what have we done to cater to this segment? The answer would be, hardly anything. This is the gap that CoworkIn bridges by providing a more inclusive and open community through affordable workspaces.

Gurgaon has always served as the epicenter of some of the remarkable and most impactful companies of India. I am excited about our new journey and will be looking forward to establishing atleast 5 spaces by end of 2019.

Operations start from 21st January 2019, do drop in if you are in the vicinity.

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